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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Review: Harley Quinn Annual #1

This issue opens up with Harley Quinn breaking into Arkham Asylum and- no hold on a second go back. Look there you can rub and smell her jacket. Have to say I like the other smells more than that one. Anyways Harley Quinn gets caught and put in a cell. While in the cell Harley Quinn explains why she's breaking into Arkham Asylum. That stuff Harley Quinn is putting on her leg smells really good... no seriously yhey let you rub her leg and sniff it. Here try it. Anyways Harley Quinn gets a call from Poison Ivy while on the roof where her and her friends catapult dog shit across the the city. Good thing none of that has ever hit my house. Anyways so Harley Quinn steals a parachute so she can parachute into Gotham or Arkham Asylum. Either way she ends up parachuting into some pizza joint where she eats some pizza. After she eats pizza we go back to where this issue opened up at. We see Harley Quinn burp in the gaurds face giving her the chance to escape and find Poison Ivy. Damit I wish that when I burped in peoples faces they'd get knocked out cold. Anyways Harley Quinn smashes a jar that one of the Doctors is holding which causes everyone in the room to hallucinat. No I won't go into everyones different hallucinations just know that Harley Quinn becomes a cat in one of them. Anyways after our characters hallucinat they wake up in cages with a giant egg talking to them all. Damit Eggman go chase sonic or something get the hell out of this comic! So Edgar tells them all his evil plan and why he did it which causes all of them to cry. Is it sad that even after he told his story I still want to crack him open and make some scrambled eggs? This issue ends with Harley Quinn giving Edgar a place to live. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good and funny. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I have to say Harley Quinn smells really good :). Things I learned from this issue. That I still want to crack that giant talking egg open and make some bacon and scrambled eggs.

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