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Friday, September 23, 2016

Review: Spider-Gwen #6

This issue opens up with Gwen Stacy having some sort of vision quest dream where she sees everyone she cares for asking her a bunch of different questions including Spider-Gwen. Hey I've actually had a dream where I was kinda talking to myself. I was a little freaked out but I can say I've talked to myself in my dreams before so I've almost had the same experience. After Spider-Gwen has a nap she wakes up to Captain America fighting Lizard Harry. Wouldn't that be creepy if it was the Harry from one direction. Can we get sn issue of him turning into a lizard and Spider-Gwen kicking his ass. Anyways Lizard Harry uses the voice control in his goblin helmet to throw pumpkin bombs at him and Captain America. Good thing Spider-Gwen was there or else Captain America would be all over the place and that definitely wouldn't be a pretty picture. Next Director Carter uses singles to beam her voice inside of Spider-Gwens head which also makes it so they can talk to each other. Ha I knew I wasn't crazy when I heard voices in my head telling me to go get a pizza at three in the morning. It's just some s.h.i.e.l.d director trying to get me to bring a pizza to them. Sadly for them I drive home and eat all the pizza then go to bed. That would also explain why the voice is so angry after I eat all of it. So Spider-Gwen takes the lizard mutagen supressants and Captain Americas shield as she goes off to stop Harry from one direction. Oh my god why would chicks want to get fucked by that guy? He's half lizard. Plus his voice sucks. We get to see Spider-Gwen kick Harrys ass by telling him his excuse for revenge is just plain bullshit and that he needs to grow a pair. Well not exactly like that. She also tells him her mistakes and how she wishes she could change what happened when she fought the lizard at the high school prom. To see if Harry from one direction actually takes the supressant go buy this issue and read it. Later on Spider-Gwen tells Captain America what she did and Captain America lets her off the hook and stops some cops from chasing after her. Next we see Gwen Stacy sitting on her family's roof as her dad gets drunk off the breakfast he's drinking. Have to say Gwen Stacy is extremely pretty. She's got a pretty smile that lights up the place. This issue ends with Gwen Stacy and her dad having a heart to heart. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good ending to the second arc. Definitely gonna have to buy the first two volumes and read them. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. So is the Captain America from Spider-Gwens earth secretly a hydra agent to? Things I learned from this issue. Spider-Gwen still kicks ass even when talking some sense into the villan.

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