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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Review: Deathstroke #16

This issue opens up with Deathstroke getting in a fight with Red Hood. No I'm not going to spoil the whole fight. But it was pretty fun to read and see. Dam Deathstroke is one tough son of a bitch. Even with bullet holes in him and losing blood he climb up that latter pretty quick. Note to self don't ever ever fight Deathstroke cause no matter how many times you hit him, cut him, or shoot him he'll still get back up and kick your ass. Next we see Victor Ruiz fly over and intervene in the fight. Dam you Victor Ruiz I wanted to see Deathstroke kick Red Hoods as. Later on on the chopper we see Deathstroke deck Victor Ruiz in the face. Dude I would've kept punching him till he spit blood and couldn't stand up. Anyways Deathstroke goes to another location that Victor Ruiz gave him... really Deathstroke you don't trust him yet you'll go to the location and let him tag along. How stupid can you be? Oh look it's Voldamort... I mean Snakebite... what they're both like half snake or some shit. Next we see Victor Ruiz stab Deathstroke in the shoulder as he talks to you know who. This issue ends with a shocking twist. To find out what I'm talking about go buy this issue and read it. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I bet Deathstroke regrets letting Victor Ruiz tag along now. Things I learned from this issue. Don't become friends with Rose Wilson cause if you do and some cowboy shows up at her house he'll have her kill you or get you killed.

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