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Monday, September 14, 2015

Review: New Suicide Squad #12

This issue opens up with reverse flash clasping. Well guess he ran out of breath fast. Next we see some league sicincetest trying to figure out what Parasite is made of. We find out that Harley is in a room full of little kids. Yay I'm glad she's not dead :). Amanda waller tries to get a hold of the suicide squad but can't. Should have thought of a better way of getting a hold of them since you knew or probably knew they'd be in an area with crappy signal. Anyways we see Saladin showing Manta the armory and the time bomb they have. You know a time bomb that can send you back in time... what? Don't give me that confused look go read this issue and see for yourself. Next we see Harley Quinn making the little kids laugh which causes a gaurd to come in giving Harley a chance to kill him so her and the kids can escape. See she's not useless. This issue ends with Manta doing something very stupid. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise shits getting intense definitely can't wait to get the annual to see how this all goes down. This definitely has to be my favorite issue. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. Harley Quinn was so cute with the kids... till she killed the gaurd so I'm sure they're tramatized now.

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