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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review: All-New X-Men #3

This issue opens up with half the gang at the pizza place talking about how to catch a bmf. Um don't let it bmf in the first place cause it looks like that thing caused a lot of havoc in the last issue. Next we see police cars go by half the gang. Alright scooby gang after those police cars it's time to go cause havoc and get in trouble. We cut to where the ghost of cyclops are in the prison talking about how they just broke in and attacked cops. Yep you guys have definitely earned the group badge of stupidy. Note to self don't run around with this group of kids. Next we see the rest of the scooby gang outside the prison coming up with a plan. Oh great you let the little blue guy bmf again. We see Cyclops and Thirst get in a fight about how stupid Thirst and his gang is and how they should all listen to him. Geez dude enough water. I'm sure your first wave was enough to give him the water he needed for the day. Someone smack that kid upside the head cause he keeps trying to give Cyclops more water even though he's probably already full. Next we see the ghost of cyclops try to escape but run into more cops. Yep you guys are definitely screwed. Oh hey there's the little blue guy giving cyclops his visor back. Oh there's the rest of the scooby gang. We basically see the scooby gang kick the ghost of cyclops asses. Damit we didn't get to see another flaming Wolverine. Well look at that the cops finally showed up. Yep definitely a smart idea to blast your lazer eyes and announce who you are I doubt that'll get anyones attention. Oh great someone recorded you which definitely makes those chances very low especially with 600,000 views. This issue ends with some mutant trying to tongue at a bar. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise eh could've been a little better. I give this issue a 9 out of 10. Remember if some mutant starts giving people tongue at a bar it's probably best that you leave. Things I learned from the issue don't take a bmf into a pizza place with bear.

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