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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Review: Suicide Squad #1

This issue opens up with Amanda Waller being flown to belle reve while we have to read her internal dialogue. Well this scene should have been cut from the comic. I mean heck it almost put me to sleep. Next we see all the suicide squad members plus Katana and Colonel Rick Flag... wait Enchantress is really in this series now. Is the movie trying to be like the comic series or is the comic series trying to be like the movie? Anyways next we see the suicide squad up in space and bad things happen. Well no shit bad shit always happens in space duh. To see how this issue ends and if the suicide squad lives go buy and read this book. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise short. I give this issue a 8 out of 10. Hopefully next issue is longer. Things I learned from this issue. Stay the hell out of space! Wait I already knew that. I'm just making sure you guys know that.

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