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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Review: Salvagers #2

This issue opens up with us seeing where the crew was before they went to the Balaca Star System. They were at a place called the playground. I'm sure if that one McDonalds manager was on the playground he'd say we're trying to run a business here not a playground so you need to leave. We find out that Brigby likes to gamble and get himself in trouble. No I'm being serious he just ran out of credits and tried escaping from two big dudes but got hit by something. Next we get a scene with Tegan talking to Bill and asking him about his navy medallion. Later on we get a scene where we see that Brigby has been getting credits from some guy who keeps saying their family but now says Brigby is part of a different family now and then proceeds to chop off his arm and give him a list of guns that they need. Something tells me it's bad that he knows he's a salvager. Also if someone is family don't say it a million times and then tell them they're part of a different family now cause that can be very confusing and hurtful. We see Billy and Ty'r go to Brigbys house where we see that his arm that got chopped off became a monster. I still don't understand why he kept it but hey he's able to grow certain limbs back so at least he has a new arm. Anyways Brigby gives Billy the list of guns that the one guy gave Brigby which causes Billy to make the decision of going to the Balaca Star System so they can get all the weapons from the ship they'll be salvaging so they can help bring Brigby out of debt. Well at least they all take care of each other. To see how this issue ends go buy and read it. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise good but slow so I give this issue a 8 out of 10. Hopefully we get more action in the next issue. Things I learned from this issue. That one manager at McDonalds would probably hate going to a planet system or whatever called the playground. He'd probably yell at everyone and tell them that they were three years old and then his girlfriend would jump in and say that all the people there aren't normal and that it's ridiculous how they eat their food. Remember kids only at McDonalds can you love it... just as long as you eat your food the way the McDonalds employees want you to and not the way you want to.

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