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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Review: NCD #8 ( Winter Arc 2014 )

This arc opens up with Eric and all his friends playing a game that gets interrupted by a snowman knocking at the door. I love how all Eric ask is if it's short or tall. Anyways Eric gets news that one of his ex girlfriends is in trouble. Geez comic Eric must be attracted to the crazy girls who cause trouble. Though I guess that gives him some good adventures to go on if they need his help and live in a place called Arendelle. And yes I've never seen that movie but watched Once upon a time so yes I know that that's where Elsa lives. I'd ask Eric if it'd be difficult to date Elsa since she'd probably be cold all the time and need a jack but he'd probably tell me that the cold doesn't bother her anyways. To see if our heros save the day and how this arc ends go read my friends awesome webcomic :). Artwork was pretty good. Story wise well written. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I wonder what other crazy chicks Eric has dated. Things I learned from this arc. If you date Elsa don't offer her your jacket if it's cold and she doesn't have one cause the cold doesn't bother her anyway.

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