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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Review: Supernatural Season 11 Episode 13 ( Love Hurts )

This episode opens up with us seeing a wife and her husband getting ready for a date on valentines day. Yay my favorite holiday. Sadly it's not cause to many girls have broken my heart including the current one I can't seem to fall out of love with. Next we get to meet the babysitter. Dang she's pretty kinda reminds me of a chick I used to know. Though it's rude that she rang the doorbell instead of knocking. Luckily the baby didn't wake up. A few minutes later we see the husband come home and rip the babysitters heart out. Well you can say that her love for him was so great that her heart leaped out of her chest. Next we see Sam reading the news article about the dead girl and Dean come into the room with a hickey on his neck. I remember one of my girlfriends asking me if I'd be alright with her giving me one. I told her heck no that if she did I'd be mad. We see Sam and Dean at the house talking to the husband and wife. If you ask me the husband seems like something is bothering him. Well looks like Sam and Dean saw it to cause Dean went to talk to the husband who was having an affair with the babysitter. The husband shows Dean the footage from the nanny cam which shows him ripping the babysitters heart out. We find out that it was actually a shifter instead of the husband. Next we see the dead babysitter come and kill the husband. I guess you could say his love for her was so great that his heart leaped out of his chest. Sam and Dean review the footage and think it was the wife who did. Well I'd say she was up to something where as she's getting rid of evidence that's stuff that you'd use in a spell. Note to self avoid people with that type of shit in their house cause then they'll probably put a spell on me. The wife gets attacked by her dead husband. We see the wife go to Sam and Dean and tell them about her hair dresser who calls herself the white witch. I would've gone with the dark witch cause that sounds pretty scary. Oh crap the husband is attacking the wife again but luckily Sam and Dean will kill it... um why aren't the silver bullets working? Dean kisses the wife so that it'll go after him now instead of the wife. Oh forgot to explain. So basically the witch with the boring name fave the wife a spell that had to be sealed with a kiss so basically whoever got kissed was the target and if they kissed someone else then the person they kissed was the target and so on. Sam and Dean go to the hair dressers salon where they find out that it's a monster who's kinda like a genie cause whoever has the heart controls what it does. Sam finds the heart and also gets attacked by the witch. We see Dean face off against the Amara. I mean the monster who's a genie. I have to say Amara is kinda pretty. The wife distracts the witch which gives Sam enough time to kill the lame witch and her monster genie. This episode ends with Dean telling Sam that the monster took on the form of Amara. Go see this episode to understand why. I give this episode a 10 out of 10. So when Amara says her and Dean will be one are they gonna fuse together and create a half man half woman person? If so that'll look weird. Things I learned from this episode  stop loving the girl I love so that my love for her won't become so strong that my hear wants to leap out of my chest or so I won't end up like Dean with his love for Amara.

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