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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Review: Black Canary #1

This issue opens up with a news article about the black canary band and how they always seem to reck a venue. Note to self don't ever see this band in person even though the singer is pretty. We meet some of the band members. Ditto doesn't speak, Paloma seems kinda snotty and I don't remember the instrument she plays, Byron plays the drums. We also see Dinah help the manager I'm guessing get money from one of the venues they played at. But are you gonna use that money to help them fix the place? Next we see some people being creepers at the next venue the band goes to and pretty much spies on them looking for a certain member that'll attack violently if she sees them approaching. Well that narrows it down to the blond pretty singer. We see Ditto playing the guitar with no tools to help her amplify the sound. So she's basically got powers or something. How does Dinah not notice that? Anyways while the band plays Dinah sees some people that are actually monsters approaching the stage and proceeds to attack them. Geez I'd hate to be in this band with what they've done to every venue. Dinah uses her scream to make the roof collapses on the monsters. Wait they're not after Dinah... who are they after then? Ditto? Why Ditto though? This issue ends with Dinah saying she's gonna teach the band members how to fight. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. So why do people keep going to the black canary concerts after hearing what's gone on at all the others? Things I learned from this issue. If I join or make a band make sure Dinah is in it so the band and fans can be protected if something bad happens.

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