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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Review: Brandi Bare Field Trip #1

This issue opens up with Brandi and the girls looking at some view. This better not be an issue where Brandi and her friends become tree huggers cause if that happen I'll stop reading. We find out why Dylan is carrying all the bags. Note to self don't bet on stuff like Dylan or I'll end up like her in this issue. We see a flashback to when that creepy stalker lady at the college told Brandi she needed to live with no regrets and experiment over her four years in college. I'm sure every college student does that except for my dad. I also think the creepy stalker lady needs her own comic series. Yes she's old and creepy and stalks people but she's kinda hot so why not. Next we see Brandis dad call Dr. Dobbs and set up a date. So basically what this issue is telling me is that if Brandis dad can get a date so can I. Next we see Brandi and her friends trying to pitch a tent and them making jokes about Brandi and how she's good at pitching tents ;). Next we see Alice call Brandi and ask her what she wants done with her bare. I swear that bare makes faces in each issue. I have the feeling that there's gonna be a Halloween issue where the bare kills Brandis boyfriend and eats his insides. Yes I'd actually read that issue. We see Brandi and her friends get drunk and go skinny dipping. I'm sure a lot of geeks wish that this actually happened and that they were there to see everything. This issue ends with Xian screaming and Brandi waking up to see... really that's how it ends? Guess I'll have to back issue two of this series. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good though kids should not do what Brandi and her friends did at home. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I swear I'm gonna have a fear of teddy bears after reading this series. Things I learned from this issue when in college experiment ;).

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