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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Review: Colder #5 ( Toss The Bones )

This issue opens up with Reece and Declan thinking of ways to stop Nimble Jack. He seems pretty unstoppable to me. He's also different from swivel like he always switches up the ways he kills people instead of just chopping off their fingers. Declan has Reece go and get him a burito while he goes to the hungry world. You know I've probably said this before but that name makes me thing of the hunger games even though I've never seen it. I'm surprised we haven't seen a lot of teenagers killing each other in this world. We see Declan talking to a dog about the first time him and Reece had sex and when he fell in love with her. She is pretty hot that's for sure :) ;). Anyways next we see Reece get pissed when she finds out that Declan went to the hungry world without her. Wait why are you going and asking some poor fat fuck if he's crazy? I'm gonna agree with the fat man that that definitely makes you sound crazy. Secret note to self go into any random store find someone and run up to them asking them if they're crazy. Maybe record it and put it on YouTube to see if anyone gets any laughs out of it. Nimble Jack takes Reece to dinner which is Declan who is in the hungry world. Next we see Declan try and cure Nimble Jack but get punched in the face instead. Note to self randomly walk up to a stranger and put my hand on their face without asking. I'll probably get punched in the face or worse but oh well. Fuck that has to hurt Nimble Jack just ate one of Declans thumbs. We see Declan finally get a good hold on Nimble Jack and cure him. Yes he did it.... well that's not good he's in a coma again. This issue ends with Reece visiting Declan in the hungry world. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good definitely wasn't expecting this series to end the way it did. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I have a feeling that that's not Declan at the end of the issue cause when he smiles he's missing a tooth and Nimble Jack had a missing tooth unless Nimble Jack was a piece of Declan like his crazy side or something. Things I learned from this issue the hungry world is nothing like the hunger games.

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