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Friday, April 8, 2016

Review: Spider-Woman #2

This issue opens up with Jessica Drew being hostage to some Skrulls while her baby kicks and she sends a message to Captain Marvel. Note to self if Captain Marvel tells you to somewhere don't cause odds are you'll end up in a situation like this. Next we see Jessica Drew pretend that her baby is coming so she can kill one and take it's weapon so she can kill the other one... um doesn't that make her bad? I always thought heros weren't allowed to kill. We see Jessica Drew call Captain Marvel right as she's fighting some monsters. You know I think it would've been a smarter idea for Captain Marvel to go with her to that place. Wait Captain Marvel you can't leave yet you haven't finished beating up all the monsters. Next we Jessica Drew and some alien get in a fight. Dam she just saved you all and that's how you treat her. Go sit down before you burst prego. We see some Skrulls come into the room that Jessica Drew is in. Jessica Drew tells them a lie about the other to going to get snacks and soft drinks. So they're basically like obese people. One of the skrulls notices who Jessica Drew is and calls her the slaughter. So wait how'd she get that name? Did she really just kill another skrull? I'm starting to think she used to be a villain or something cause all the other heros act like wimps when it comes to killing. This issue ends with Captain Marvel calling Jessica Drew and telling her that the doors are closed off which means she can't get in and that Jessica Drew is in a black hole. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I still want to know who the father is. Things I learned from this issue you can't trust Captain Marvel like ever.

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