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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Review: Silk #2

This issue opens up with Silk and Black Cat fighting some hydra members. Note to self never fight either of these two cause they'll kick your ass. Next we see Silk go to work and get asked if she's go8ng to some rock concerts late at night. Well you see I'm a superhero pretending to be a villain so that's actually why I'm tired. Next we see Cindy Moon get a letter addressed to her superhero name. Bad idea to open that while at work Cindy... damit she wouldn't listen and already opened it. We find out that whoever sent her the note wants her to go to some address. Note to self if someone sent me a note to meet them at some address I'd definitely not go. Yes I still follow the rule of stranger danger. Next we see Silk totally run past coffe boy as he tries to ask her on a date. I have a feeling he's gonna get all butt hurt about her doing yhat to him and become her enemy at some point. We see Silk go to the address which leads her to the sewers. I'm taking a guess that the teenage mutant ninja turtles want her to join them. Next we see Silk find a room full of trolls... I mean kids who are part of Goblin Nation. Why'd anyone want to be part of Goblin Nation? I mean I wouldn't want to join a gang just so I could look like a troll and and live in the sewers for the rest of my life. Next we see some smoky dude help Silk beat up a bunch of Goblin Nation teenagers. Well that was fun smoky dude but who in the hell are you? Next we see Silk meet Black Cat and help her steal some tech. You know who'd be more into stealing stuff. My friend who used to be in jail and who used to be a drug dealer so why not have him be part of your team Black Cat. Next we see Silk make a bunch of mistakes which she names off. Next we see Silk go back to work to get yelled at by Mr. Jameson. This issue ends with us seeing Peter Parker standing at Cindy Moons desk asking if Silk has gone bad. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I think Peter Parker and Silk should get together if they haven't already. Things I learned from this issue the teenage mutant ninja turtles like to send marvel superheros notes telling them to meet them in their secret base in the sewers.

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