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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Review: Supernatural Season 11 Episode 12 ( Don't You Forget About Me )

This episode opens up with Claire grabbing some kid from a truck and holding a sword to his throat. Well you can tell she's a noob cause she sucks at hunting. Next we see Dean come in the bunker and pull out some good looking food. A donut burger I'm guessing. Hey don't give me that look like I'm crazy or fat. That shit looks delicious so I'd definitely buy two and eat them both. And now I'm in the mood for donuts. You know Dean could definitely go on those cooking shows where they eat a bunch of foods. Damit we didn't get to see him take a bite of his donburgnut cause Claire called him. Next we see Jody pick up Alex from school yes that's right thr Alex who helped vampires find people to feed on. We hear that Claire has almost gone to jail but been saved cause of Jody. Just so everyone knows Jody is a bad ass also Claire should be a lot smarter when she hunts. Next we see Dean and Sam hsve a family meal with Jody, Alex and Claire. Ok well that's funny to watch Sam and Dean eat. Um well this dinner just became very uncomfortable. Next we see one of Alexs teachers get killed and hung from a flag pole. Note to self avoid this school. To many shots of school. Damit stop, I did not watch supernatural so I could be reminded of high school! We see Sam and Jody interview some janitor who doesn't seem shaken up at all. I have a bad feeling about him. See knew he was bad he just beat the shit out of Jody and Claire and took them somewhere. Note to self janitors are creepy. Sam and Dean find out that the janitor is a vampire and is from where Alex used to be. Wait does that mean Alex is helping him or something? Nope guess it was her boyfriend. Next we see Alexs vampire boyfriend take her to where the janitor, Jody and Claire are. The janitor explains to Alex why he's doing what he's doing. Oh hell yes Sam.. um not to the rescue I guess cause he's getting the shit beat out of him. Dam Claire is pretty badass. Looks like it's Dean to the rescue cause he just killed the janitor. Next we see Claire kill Alexs vampire boyfriend. This episode ends with Sam and Dean driving off with some of Jodys amazing cooking. This episode was pretty great even though there were to many shots in the school. I give this episode a 10 out of 10. I still want to try that donburgnut that Dean had at the start of this episode. Things I learned from this episode if I ever become a hunter try to be better at it yhen Claire cause she kinda sucks.

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