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Friday, April 29, 2016

Review: Harley Quinn & Power Girl #2

This issue opens up with Power Girl going and fighting the people in the sky while Harley Quinn takes all the other people to safety or tries to find a safe place. We see Harley Quinn and the people go in or under some statue where they run into a robot named Killy Mchappy-Bot 2.0. Who in the heck gave that thing it's name? Makes it sound like your going to McDonalds just to have some robot with a smiley face kill you after you order something or right as you walk in the place. Harley Quinn ask all the people if they have a museum of weapons of the past or something since they're a peaceful race now that doesn't have weapons. Well no wonder they became slaves so fast. Next we see Harley Quinn and the people run towards the museum while the killer McDonalds robot chases after them. Oh look Power Girl is still fighting the people in the sky... well now she just got knocked out. We see Harley and the hippie or peace people go into the museum where Harley finds some gloves that let her make a hammer with her imagination out of hard light. Well dam Harley Quinn coupd quit the life of crime to become an artist cause she just turned the McDonalds killer robot into a robotic beaver that looks like her beaver... no not that beaver you pervert. Next we see a bunch of girls and one guy save Power Girl. Oh look Harley Quinn is coming to save Power Girl from the girls and one guy. Power Girl tells Harley Quinn to stop hurting them cause they're friends. We find out that they're Vartoxs ex-girlfriend force. This issue ends with Oreth making it so that Vartox will serve him. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I love the entrance Harley Quinn made on the motorcycle. Love seeing her happy. Also why was there one guy in the ex-girlfriend force? I'm guessing Vartox got really drunk with this guy one niggt and they thought each other was a girl or something and made love till the morning after. Or just experimented to see what it felt like to sleep with the same sex till the morning after. Things I learned from this issue. Harley Quinn is good at making art and I want her to make me a giant robotic beaver now... and no not that kind of beaver pervert.

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