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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Review: Supernatural Season 11 Episode 11 ( Into The Mystic )

This episode opens up with a scene from thirty years ago where a married couple and there daughter were attacked by a banshee. Holy fuck stop screaming in my ear you creepy floating lady. Well there goes her husband cause he just bashed his brains out. Luckily the daughter survived though but it was probably very tramatic cause she's a baby and just saw both her parents die. Next we see Sam tossing and turning in bed re living what happened to him while his was in the cage with the devil. Well sadly I know how you feel Sam. No I've never been to hell and been in a cage with the devil but I've had dreams about my friend who is a drug dealer and that shit is enough to make me toss and turn. Dean tells Sam about some old guy found in his room with his brains bashed out. Note to friends and family if this ever happens to me when I get old just assume I finally went full on crazy. Next we see Cas I mean the devil kill some angel that follows him as he goes on a nature walk. Geez haven't angels ever heard of personal space or not being stalkers. Sam and Dean go to and old persons home where Dean meets some guy named Arthur who gives him his sob story about how his wife left him. Oh great one of these guys. Like that crap os annoying so just keep it to yourself. You know it's gotta suck when Sam and Dean burn a dead body when it ain't even a ghost or the right ghost. Note to self if I ever become a hunter make sure I need to burn a body and if I do burn the right one in the first place. Oh look sob story guy is bashing his head into a window that he just fell out of. Is it bad of me to say that I'm glad he's dead? Next we see Dean and Sam talk to some old chick named Mildred who tells them what she saw when sob story guy died. I'm just glad I don't have to hear about the poop emoji he sent to his wife. Like I almost threw up my dinner when he said that. Sam meets a deaf chick named Marlene. Dean and Sam find out that it's a banshee who's been killing people not a ghost. This has happened so many times that you think they'd be pros at it and would stop messing up. Dean goes back to the bunker where he gets gold daggers and tells Cas. I mean the devil how him and Amara are connected. I think he's gonna use Dean in some way. We soon find out that Marlene is actually a hunter named Aline and that she was the baby that we saw at the start of the episode. Good thing Sam ran into her or he would've never known about the symbol and this episode would have ended differently. After Dean gets back to the old person home we see the banshee attack him instead of Mildred. Wait why is it going after Aline? Like she's deaf so I highly doubt the screaming would affect her. Phew good thing Sam ran into Aline cause that mark symbol just helped Mildred and Aline save Dean from getting his spaghetti all over the room. This episode ends with us finding out that Dean is falling in love with Amara. This episode was pretty good. I give this episode a 10 out of 10. Damit Dean why'd you have to fall for her. Also I know your pain man I'm in love with a girl that I can't have and I hate myself for it. Things I learned from this episode never let your heart open to feeling love cause that'll make you vulnerable.

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