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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Review: The Harvester #1

This issue opens up with some cop pulling up to a bar to investigate the place about a noise complaint only to drive off once he sees a bunch of motorcycles and a guy sitting on one leaving... what the fuck dude?! That's your job protect and serve asshat. We learn that this group of bikers is called the blackbeards. I take it the leader really loves blackbeard. We see one of the bikers complain about needing to go home. Well shouldn't have joined a biker gang then idiot. One of the bikers sees a guy just sitting casually and drinking a drink. What was he not there before or something? I don’t think he called the cops.. not that they'd help anyway. One of the bikers goes to attack him but freezes when the guy starts talking to him. For bikers they sure dcare easy over things that humans tend to do. Like hey you guys speak to do you not? Next we see the guy who was smoking outside get thrown the window and then his bike right after him. Next some creepy looking guy comes crashing through the window. Cue fight scene in bar. Well that was fast he just killed them all. Well at least he didn't kill the guy who was probably a regular coming to get drunk off his ass kinda like a friend I have. He drinks every night. Um why is creepy dude lying in the grass? Probably not the best time to tan dude. Next we see some chick on a stage talking about creepy dude. Also known as the harvester. So basically she's the whack job which means people don't believe her stories till they actually happen. After that they're like well fuck better believe anything she says now. We find out that the chicks name is Vicki. We see her go to a bar where some journalist/detective ask to talk to her about the urban legend of the harvester. Wait she doesn't believe in the urban legend? Why does she stand on a stage and talk to people about it then if she doesn't believe it? This issue ends with the journalist/detective telling her that the urban legend is true. Artwork was good. Story wise eh. I give this issue a 8 out of 10. I wonder how long it'll take them to make a movie for this series if they haven't. Things I learned from this issue. The blackbeards are scared of normal people doing normal human things.

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