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Friday, April 15, 2016

Review: Plume Volume 1 ( Chapter #2 )

This issue opens up with Vesper in the bathtub being scrubed by two girls... not in that way you dirty perv! Anyways next we see Aunt Agatha come in and tell Corrick he shouldn't be in the room till he stands up and makes himself glow. Wait do Agatha and Corrick know each other? Anyways that's what I think since Agatha stormed out of the room after he did that. Next we see Corrick tell Vesper that the amulet of auru is what his soul is bound to and that it used to be in a kings crown. I think Corrick should get his own mini series so we can see what he was like before he got trapped in the amulet. Ok this next panel makes me think Vesper is falling for Corrick which makes me think she's gonna find a way to free him so sge can finally touch him. We see days pass by before Vesper finally got a little normalcy back having Vesper around. I found the one panel where she's taking a bath very funny. Like hey would you rather have him out there reading while you take a bath or would you rather him be in the amulet which I'm sure reaches your breast. Next we get to meet Vespers father Magnus who also knows Corrick. This issue ends with Magnus telling Vesper to pack her things cause they're going back to the west. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I so would get the design of the amulet tattooed on me at some point and probably will. Things I learned from this issue when wearing the amulet don't step onto train tracks cause Corrick might not be able to stop the moving train heading right towards you.

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