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Monday, April 11, 2016

Review: Spider-Gwen #3

This issue opens up with one of Gwen Stacys friends constantly texting her. Is this chick obsessed with her or something? I mean texting someone like that none stop normally pisses someone off. I mean it would piss me off and I'd probably throw my phone at a wall so I didn't have to hear my text tone go off anymore. Next we see Spider-Gwen on the earth with the Spider-Man we know and love oh and the pregnant Spider-Woman Jessica Drew. I have to say she's hot even when she's pregnant. Hey don't judge me.  We see Spider-Woman scare the crap out of Gwen Stacy before she takes her cuffs off. Note to self if I ever get cuffed just go to Jessica Drew and she'll get them off for me. We go back to Spider-Gwens earth where we see Matt Murdock confront her dad about her identity and how he should probably give him a call. When when you put it that way murderdock sure I'll call you and basically sell my soul to you since you look like the devil. Next we see Spider-Gwen ask Jessica Drew about their Gwen Stacy and what she was like. Well she was like you expect didn't have powers like you and Spider-Man do. Her and Peter Parker fell in love unlike you and your Peter. And instead of getting to continue living like you are now she broke her neck while being saved by Spider-Man also known as Peter Parker. We see Spider-Gwen go back to her earth and land in a lake. Well she got location to the lake house right. Why you ask cause yes she landed in a lake but that's better than coming through the roof of the lake house bringing up lots of questions to why she fell through the roof. Next we get to meet Spider-Gwens Harry Osborn who blames himself for the death of Peter Parker. Hey so does Gwen Stacy but you don't know that cause you don't know that she's actually Spider-Gwen. This issue ends with Harry Osborn getting on a glider and promising that he'll bring Spider-Gwen to justice. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good hopefully this series stays for the long run cause I'm liking it. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. You know I'm disappointed that Jessica Drew was in this issue and didn't explain to Gwen Stacy on who knocked her up. Things I learned from this issue. Even though Jessica Drew is pregnant she still has an amazing butt.

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