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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Review: Plume Volume 1 ( Chapter #1 )

This issue opens up with some girl smiling as dead bodies lay all around her. No guys she's not into dead bodys if that's what you're thinking. So what's with the guy with glowing eyes? Is there a reason for that? We see Vesper Grey open some trunk to reveal the mask of the seraphim which gives the person the seven celestial wings of fire. Flaming wings sound cool. Wait these ones give you the speed of a god. Alright now I need to find this mask. We see flashbacks to when Vesper Grey lived with her Aunt Agatha Murdock. If you ask me it seems like every woman had to deal with an old lady who told her to sit up straight to which means some desd old chick did the same thing yo the old chick and so on. Next we see Vesper Grey lose her hat and go on the frozen pond after it. I wonder how many people did that stupid dangerous crap in her time and lived to tell the tale. Yep and there she goes down in freezing cold water. Next we see her necklace glow as some guy stands on the ice which shoots her up out of it. Oh look it's the guy with the glowing eyes. We find out that his name is Corrick. Um Corrick why do your eyes glown. This issue ends with Corrick taking her back inside so she doesn't die. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise pretty good. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. I think Vesper Grey and Corrick are gonna fall in love at some point. Things you should learn from this issue. Just cause your hat gets blown off your head and lands on a frozen pond doesn't mean you should go on the frozen pond after it cause it'll probably crack and make you sink to your death in cold water.

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