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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Review: Supernatural Season 12 Episode 3 ( The Foundry )

This episode opens up with a couple hearing a baby crying in an old house and then going inside to find it only to die. See kids this is why you don't go in abandoned houses when you hear a baby cry cause chances are you'll end up dead. Also after watching shows like this you should always take notes. Next we see Sam and Deans mom reading their dads journal, talk to Cas about something and then cut her hair. I wonder when Sam will cut his hair. Later we see Sam and Deans mom find them a case. See guys if Sam and Dean and there mom weren't around to hunt monster or stop people from dying in weird ways than people would keep being stupid and dying in weird ways like having their hearts turned to ice in a room tha was sixty something. Those scenes with Cas and Crowley are pretty funny. Anyways Sam, Dean and Mary all go to the abandoned house where people hear babies crying only to have their mom get grabbed by a creepy ghost kid. If this ever happened to me I'd run out of the house then come back later and burn the dam thing to the ground. Dam Rowena way to show the devil that you're not as stupid as you look. Note to self never trust Rowena. Next we get a few scenes of Mary talking to people on the phone and then going back to the abandoned house alone. Didn't she ever learn not to do that in hunting 101 or whatever? I'd say she's a Winchester so she can't die but heck they all do and then they come back well except for their Dad. Anyways after Sam and Dean fight their possed mom and then burn the body of the real ghost that's haunting the place they go back to the bunker only to have something very sad happen. To see what happens and why it's sad go watch this episode. Dam that ending is sad but you could see how hurt Dean was so I'll give this episode a 9 out of 10. Things I learned from this episode if you hear a baby crying in an abandoned house don't go in unless you have a death wish.

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