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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Review: Solar Flare #6

This issue opens up with Jake and his friends packing all their stuff so that they can leave before Jakes fat crazy uncle gets their... dude is he that excited to leave for his crazy trip that he's already at the door looking for Jake or did the writers just decide to give him a head start. Ok that makes no sense to tell them to go upstairs and wait when they're already doing that you old fart. Anyways the next few scenes are them sneaking out before his uncle can see them and then his uncle reading the letter he wrote to his parents. I'm guessing Jakes fat crazy uncle used to sneak into girls houses at night. I mean with the way he's acting right now it gives me that impression. Later on we see Jake meet up with Frank and then go in and get a gun and some money from his dads safe in the store. Yep the writers definitely gave the fat crazy uncle some advantages in this issue cause he's already at the store beating the heck out of old man Frank. Dude I'm pretty sure that your new America needs sciencetist and probably doesn't want people who'll go around and beat the fuck out of people just cause their different from you. Ya all I can say is this whole issue was stupid so it doesn't surprise me that the ending would be just as dumb. Don't ever read this series. Artwork was meh. Story wise way to dumb for me yo handle. I give this issue a 3 out of 10. So glad I'm done with this series. Things I learned from this issue. Don't hang around your fat crazy uncle when the whole world goes to shit unless you like having some fat crazy guy beat the fuck out of you just cause you're different from him.

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