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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Review: Supernatural Season 12 Episode 1 ( Keep Calm And Carry On )

This episode opens up with Dean getting his ass kicked by his mom. Note to self never mess with Deans mom cause she's pretty badass. Later on we see Cas make a crash landing somewhere, knock some guy out and steal his truck. At least put the guy in hus truck with you so he can drive himself home after you use it. Anyways next we see Supernaturals biggest fan hire some guy to fix Sam up. I'm guessing she'll take him to her creepy basement after he fixes Sam up. From the likes of Sams condition it seems like she's pretty kinky. We also get to see that Crowley is trying to find the devil. While in one house he finds some demons. One of the demons actually is funny to figure out which one it is go watch this episode. Next we get a scene where Deans mom almost shoots Cas and then another scene where she admires Deans car. I like that car to and want one just like it. We get a couple more scenes of Supernaturals biggest fan torturing Sam by giving him a cold shower, burning his feet and then putting drugs in his system. By the looks of it Sam doesn't like her Kinky methods. To see what else happens and how this episode ends go watch it. I give this episode a 10 out of 10. See guys told you she'd take him to her dank basement. Things I learned from this episode. Don't mess with Deans mom cause she's pretty badass.

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