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Monday, February 6, 2017

Review: Plume Volume 2 ( Chapter #4 )

This issue opens up with us finally finding out who the shadow. Oh wow it's exactly who I thought it was. No I won't spoil it for you if you want to know who the shadow is go read the issue for yourself. Anyways we get a bunch of scenes of the shadow kicking our heros asses and even taking Corricks powers from him for a bit. Note to self don't go up against the shadow unless you want your ass kicked. Once Corrick gets his powers back something bad happens to Vesper. To see what happens and how this issue ends go buy and read it. Artwork was pretty good. Story wise good and sad. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. Can't wait for the kickstarter for Plume Volume 3. Things I learned from this issue Corrick will protect Vesper even if he doesn't have his powers.

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