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Monday, February 6, 2017

Review: Supernatural Season 12 Episode 2 ( Mamma Mia )

This episode opens up with Sam having sex with Supernaturals biggest fan. Guess Sam was into her beating the shit out of him... wait does that mean Sam would make ouy with Tuss Mackmey if he went to Mackmey Manor? Oh good he wasn't really sleeping with her she just used a spell on him. Supernaturals biggest fan sure has a lot of secrets cause she knows how to tourter and even knows some witch spells. Later on we see Crowley interrupt his moms date. Something tells me it won't end well for her. Next we see some singer who likes to drink a lot. Note to self don't drink as much as this guy. Anyways Cas finds out where Sams being held and then we see Dean and his mom drive there. Dude Dean you don't need to be so protective of your mom. I mean heck I'm sure everyone found out that she was pretty badass last episode. Note to self if you see your dead wife or girlfriend in your room and she ask you to invite her in don't say yes. Instead say no or wait you're already in my room so why do I need to invite you in? Also don't be as stupid as Crowley and his mom and convince yourself that you can take on the devil. Back to Sam we see Dean get caught and get the shit beat out him too by Supernaturals biggest fan. I'm surprised they've let her do all this stuff to them. See Dean your moms still a badass cause she's beating the shit out of your guys biggest fan. Oh come on us3thay hand spell is cheating. To see if Supernaturals biggest fan kills their mom and how this episode ends go watch it. I give this episode a 10 out of 10. Hopefully their mom stays alive for the rest of the season and many more. Things I learned from this episode. Don't say yes to a dead loved one asking if you'll invite them in unless you want the devil to posses you.

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