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Friday, February 3, 2017

Review: Solar Flare #5

This issue opens up with a flashback to when Brent fucked one of Franks nieces on new years eve. Well it looks like their year started off pretty well.. not. Although when I think about it it'd be nice to have a girlfriend so I can get a kiss on new years and some sex to start the new year in great way. Anyways we go to the present where Jake and Brent go to ask Frank for help. Sadly for Brent he gets left outside since Frank still hates him. Note to self don't do what Brent did. We get to see more of the angry, fat bald stupid uncle. Kinda reminds me of someone I know who's that way and also beats the crap out of kids and tries to break their knees. Wait he almost kills the old man just cause he saw the papers he has and read them. That's like me going to a grocery store after reading this comic and pushing some old person on the ground just because this comic pisses me off. Anyways next we see Jake and Brent go to his family's grocery store where they get attacked. I'm just gonna end this review here since the rest of the issue almost made me fall asleep. Artwork was ok. Story wise a little better but not much. I give this issue a 6 out of 10. Yay one more issue to go! :D. Things I learned from this issue. Go push an old person to the ground if someone, reads and looks at any kind of papers you have cause that'll definitely show them how mad you are and solve all your problems.

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