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Monday, July 24, 2017

Review: The Unbelievable Gwenpool #9

This issue opens up with us getting cyborg supermans back story. Wait he's actually a Doombot? Dam Squirrel Girl is hella old. Also before Skynet there was Dr. Doom and instead of John Connor there was Squirrel Girl. Hey John Connor seems like Squirrel Girl did a better job then you ever did. Someone tell her to stop Skynet before that fucker brings about the end of the world. Well that doesn't surprise me that the old dude became evil just because there were different people in the world. I mean most the ones now a days want the gays dead. We get back to the present where we see Gwenpool making a phone call while in the middle of a battle. Um shouldn't there be a rule for not being on your phone while fighting no matter how good you are at it. Well that didn't surprise me that her other plan didn't work like she thought it would. Miles was probably busy watching the Hulk get shot in the head at that point in time. That one police officer made me laugh. Like do you not see cyborg superman destroying the city right now or is Gwenpool so important that you don't give a shit if everyone else does or not? How you gonna arrest her if you two and cyborg superman are the only ones left huh? I really hope she doesn't come back in another issue. If she does she'd probably just lose the rest of her brain cells and let the world end even if she knew she could stop that from happening. After Gwenpool escapes we see her go back to her base where she meets a bunch of guys. Artwork was good. The story was mainly cyborg supermans backstory so I give this issue a 8 out of 10. Things I learned from this issue Officer Gray is horrible at her job and needs to be fired.

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