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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Review: Outcast #7

This issue opens up with the reverend putting bandages on the mark carved into his skin. Well that's what you get for smoking and gambling. Note to self don't gamble also try to quit vaping. Later on we see Megan have coffee and chat with Kyle's ex wife. Wait Allison you really like when Kyle calls you and says nothing? Is everyone in this series werid? Oh that's funny. Kyle just visited the kid who was so hungry that he ate his own finger in the first issue. I'm still surprised that the parents let him go up that after he pretty much beat a demon out of their son. If he starts acting like he's possed again just beat the demon out of him again. Yes we promise that we won't press any charges. Some other stuff goes down which you'll have to buy and read this issue to see what went down and how this issue ended. Artwork was great. Story still has a good pace. I give this issue a 10 out of 10. Finally the reverend admits that he's a failure and can't preform an exorcism for shit. Though I wouldn't really trust Kyle ethier unless he promised that he wouldn't beat the shit out of my kid cause hell yeah I'd press charges even if he did get the demon out.

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