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Monday, July 17, 2017

Review: Spider-Man/Deadpool #2

This issue opens up with Peter Parker spilling go get em juice all over himself... Wait is that really the name of this smart drink/juice or whatever the fuck it is? Or did the dumb Mary Jane of earth 616 make a drink which I highly doubt since she's a dumb broad. Or are they just making fun of her stupid catchphrase? Either way I'm glad that shit does not exist in the real world cause I'd never buy that shit. Dude Peter why is a little girl in your office and are you letting her talk to you like that? Later on we see Deadpool in bed with his wife. Just to be clear it is not a sex scene or I'd skip over it. Anyways we see him looking at a laptop while talking to his wife about Peter Parker and why he does but also doesn't want to kill him. I'm gonna have to ask my friend if he's up to date with current Deadpool and ask him if Deadpool still breaks the forth wall or not anymore cause it sure seems like he doesn't or else I'm sure he'd know that Spider-Man is Peter Parker by now unless the One More Day storyline made it so that even being able to break the fourth wall and all Deadpool would still never figure it out. Oh look it's Spider-Lad talking to The Amazing Spider-Man as he swings through the city... Um why the fuck is he wishpering? I mean I know why Deadpools wife did it but why does Spider-Lad need to do it? Dammit I missed free hugs with Deadpool day. Also Spider-Lad he was just hugging people no need to call The Amazing Spider-Man unless all three of you guys were gonna hug people. Anyways Deadpool and The Amazing Spider-Man talk before an army of goblins attack. Dammit they weren't real. I wanted it to be real so that I could see The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Lad and Deadpool all fight an army of goblins. Guess I'll have to read Superior Spider-Man to see that fight. Which by the way I really think they should bring Superior Spider-Man back. Next we find out who's responsible for making all of New York freak out. Note to self don't let Deadpool drive anything cause he will hit people. This issue ends with Deadpool calling his client Patient Zero. Artwork was great. The story was really good so I'll give this issue a 10 out of 10. Things I learned from this issue but did not really need to know. Where Deadpools grapes are.

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