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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Review: All-new Wolverine #9

This issue opens up where the last issue ended with shit still hitting the fan cause they clearly don't watch movies to know that opening an antique box would cause shit to hit the fan. Hopefully they learn from this experience which I highly doubt they will. Next we see Iron Man shoot a mini missle at Fin Fang Foom which did jack shit. Good thing Director Hill got him to stop before he could do anymore stupid stuff. Dammit Captain Marvel there are people in there so stop your shit. Also I really hate Captain Marvel. Later on we see Laura go down into Fin Fang Fooms belly where she meets up with Old Man Logan who is being eaten by stomach acid. Anyways outside shit is still hitting the fan as the hellicarier goes into the water. When did Gabby learn to use a jetpack? No Gabby you should definitely not be a fan of fuck face Captain Marvel. But the drunk guy in an iron suit is who you should definitely be a fan of. How is she a pro with that jetpack? I mean she just saved Laura and Old Man Logan before they got eaten again. We see Laura put the pheromones all over her clothes so she can use a jetpack and drive Fin Fang Foom away from civilization. Also that reference to when other monsters have been attracted to her makes me wonder if she counts her fans as monsters given something this issue mentions but does not show. Next we get to see Laura tell Gabby how she had to give all her clothes to Fin Fang Foom which makes me ask how'd you do that in midair? Like yes I know fuck face was with her but still. Did she take off the jetpack and take of her clothes really fast as she fell cause I highly doubt she's that talented. And if Captain Marvel helped her then fuck face would have the pheromones on her wich would be great if it would just eat her afterwards but I highly doubt that one happened to do how'd she do it? Also I'm sure some horny lonely nerds are probably pissed off that they didn't get to see her jetpack naked so that they cou- I'll cut myself off before I get myself in trouble. This issue ends with Old Man Logan saying something very shocking. Artwork was great. The story was mainly shit hitting the fan so I think this issue gets a 7 out of 10. Things I learned from this issue. Laura is very talented at taking all her clothes off while using a jetpack. Still would like to know how she did it just so it all makes sense but hey at least she can do something that just doesn't work in the situation she was in.

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