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Monday, September 2, 2013

Thinking of her

I sit in my room thinking of the girl I love, picturing the first time I met her and how beautiful she looked, how she's always beautiful. I think of her beautiful smile, the shine she gets in her eyes, she makes my heart beat a thousand miles an hour, she's my best friend, the only person I trust, and love. Take a look inside my heart and u will see how much I love and care for her, you'd see that she's important to me, special to me. She's the reason I breathe and stay alive every day even when I feel like completely giving up, she's the reason I push myself so hard to get stuff done, she's the reason why I can smile, she always seems to make me happy. The further u looked into my heart you'd see how strong my love is for her, how she's the best thing in my life and I never want to lose her, and how I will always love her forever no matter what.

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