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Friday, September 20, 2013

Interview #1: with one wish

So today I interviewed my friend one wish. Her is the interview.

So what interests u?

One wish:Music mainly singing or instruments

What got you into singing?

One wish:I like singing at a very small age i would watch Disney movies and sing the songs with the movie and it grew into a passion for me

And what's your favorite kind of music to sing?

One wish:Im good at singing jazz nut i could song anything except metal if i really learned the song.

Have u ever sung a song for people like on stage or somewhere else?

One wish:I used to be in a middle school show choir. We would sing infront of many people. Sometimes i sing infront of peoplw just randomly.

Now do u randomly just start singing in front of people or do u ask if you can randomly sing to them?

One wish:No i just sing i dont really care what people say . If they dont like it they can screw off singing is what i love they should just encourage it

Do you have many friends that encourage your singing?

One wish:Some yes but i have very limited friends.

Would u say ur friends are basically your fan base?

One wish:Not really they encourage but i dont consider myself popular

So u haven't gotten yourself noticed by any agencies or staff members at your school?

One wish:No not at all

Have u made videos of yourself singing?

One wish:Yes i posted one on facebook a lil while back

But u don't have any on YouTube or vine or instagram?

One wish:No im scared to get too noticed. But i might post some.on youtube

When will you post them?

One wish:Soon hopefully

Do u have a certain song that u are going 2 put up?

One wish:Some nights and maybe my parody and non paory of fuck you

Do u hope to someday get yourself noticed and become famous?

One wish:Yes i do

So you want singing to be a career?

One wish:Yes

Do u have any famous singers who are a role models to u?

One wish:Avril lavigne and hopes die last

And why are they ur role models?

One wish:They give me hope

Well hope is always a good thing to have so that's good to hear. And do u take any singing classes?
One wish:I take vocal in the school
Last question. Do u have any social networks and if so what are the links?

One wish:I have a face book arielle wheeler and youtube Arielle wheeler

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