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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bullshit blog update #96

So today has been a good day for me other than still not having glasses, but I'm getting new ones so I'm excited for that :). I'm also happy cause of what my best friend told me today, and also cause I got 2 talk to her on the phone. I also fed my dog cat food, he really loves cat food and no I'm not joking, but when I found the can and saw how the cat was posing I asked him if he'd pose just like the cat...guess he's not into modeling. I also noticed or feel like my reviews haven't really been reviews, pretty much feel like I'm just giving the show away instead of actually putting my thoughts out there, so I'm definitely gonna try 2 work on that. And now time for my big announcement. I will be doing or trying to do interviews with some famous people or just my friends. I kinda feel like it'll be more of a questioner unless they can Skype me and I write down what they say as I talk to them so I can write it down on my blog. Until I actually get that figured out I'll just ask them questions through email or text, or Facebook.

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