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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Review: Solar Flare #3

This issue opens up with us finding out why Brent is trying to hide. Really redneck hillbillies. Dude they're carrying knives and bear bottles so they're probably really drunk which means you could easily beat the shit out of them but sure go and hide. Anyways we find out that they're all after him cause he slept with some dudes wife. I kinda believe him when he says he just talked to her. Like most redneck hillbillies overreact even if you just say hi to their wife. Later on we see Jake meet his famous science friend who's helping an old lady. To me it looks like she's fallen and can't get up but everyone is crowding around her and telling her that she'll be fine. We see Jake and some chick figure out how to get in the electric car and get the old ladies bag of pills. So now that you guys did that for her can you help her up? Wait don't walk away she's fallen and can't get up so you need to come back and help her up. To see how this issue ends go buy and read it if you want to be board. Artwork was ok. Story wise makes me feel stupid just reading it. I give this issue a 6 out of 10. Yay only three issues left. Things I learned from this issue. If you ever see a bunch of drunk redneck hillbillies just beat the shit out of them instead of getting all scared and hiding like a wimp.

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