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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review: Solar Flare #2

This issue opens up with Jake waking up to a bright light shining in through his bedroom window. I hate when that happens. Which is why I'm thinking of buying black trash bags and sticking them on my windows so the sunlight doesn't wake me up in the morning. We get a bunch of scenes of Jake trying to get all his electronics to work and having no luck. Well I know why but I'm sure it'll take him a year or more to find out. Later on we see Jake ride his bike till he comes across a store on fire. We find out that the reason the store is on fire is because a plane crashed into it. So him and some Brent guy lift some debris cause Brent thinks he heard someone. Wait you're joking right? He thinks he heard something from a dead body? I'm guessing he's the new ghost whisperer. Next issue he'll have boob implants and long hair the only thing he'll need is a vagina which he'll have to make himself because the solar flare screwed shit up. Oh my hell Jakes comment after he told Brent that him and his family could stay his parents house made me laugh out loud. Like literally. Like you do realize that you just saw a burning building that happened because a plane crashed into it yet you think your friend made it safely over on his flight? Ya no. Go back in your memories and think about what just went on and then get back to me when you can actually think. Anyways Jakes gets to his parents house where he tells his mom that he's having a crappy morning. I'm guessing it's cause he didn't work out. Like I'm pretty sure he'll say something like that next issue so I'll just assume that's why he's having a bad day. As for the dead guy from earlier I'm sure he's had the worst day by far so ya. To see how this issue ends go b- actually probably safe to not buy it yet. Artwork was ok. Story wise. Makes me feel like I'm reading something written by a five year old. I give this issue a 6 out of 10. Hopefully things actually get good in the next issue. Things I learned from this issue. Jake had a bad day. Hell his day is worse than the dead guys day he saw earlier.

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