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Monday, October 1, 2012

Truth is

Truth is i miss you i miss having you as a friend i miss talking to you. I still remember when i first fell in love with you it was the best feeling ever i loved you because i could talk to you, tell you my darkest secrets and you didn't run away you loved me for me all my fears didn't chase you away you stayed you became my best friend. Jealousy got the best of me it ate at me and changed me i did some hurtfull stuff i even started fights with out intending to and I'm sorry for all of that. I loved you because you believed in me you stayd through thick and thin but then we parted ways and haven't talked ever since then. I'll admit that I cried i felt so much pain when we parted ways the reason i felt this much pain is because i truly loved you I didn't want to ever lose you. I remember riding on your fourwheeler you made me get over the fear of driving it i remember having you hold onto me when i drove it i liked that you started to change you shared drinks with me and you didn't wipe it off after i took a sip you made me smile when we talked i trusted you. I remember everything we've done i still love you as much as i did when i first met you I just had to lock my feelings away for a while so i wouldn't do anything stupid you say my eyes shown really bright when we hung out I'm sure they still would and do when i think about you. I still trust you and love you you are my world you probably won't see this but i wish you will so you can see how i really feel I'm sorry for what happend between us and the stuff i did if you ever wanted to try again I'd say yes cause thats what i want i want to talk to you again be your bestfriend and have my best friend back I'll always love you forever i promise don't forget that <3

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