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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review: silver wood final recordings episode 3 hurt

Spoilers will be given do not read unless you want spoilers

So in this episode they start off by showing what the blackbox recorder caught and that was julia and Nick going inside the silver wood which had burned down 3 years ago after Julia comes out she says she went in even though it's burnt down so ppl think she's crazy. Then it goes to Liam it shows him calling his mom to let her know he's sorry for everything he's done. Again Alex is in this episode Liam ends up killing 2 cops that come 2 pick him up. The episode ends with Liam at the hotel that Alex is at. I give this episode a ten out of ten again great job BlackBoxTv, Tony V, BreeEssrig and all the others who were in and worked on this episode 5 more to go be back next Saturday when i do another review don't miss it ;)

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