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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review: silver wood final recordings episode 8 the end of silver wood

The episode starts of with a news report explaining the freak storm that has caused fires in silver wood. The blackbox recorder displays the 4th person responsible for the collapse Christiana. The ghost inside of Liam explain what they are and that Liam is a doorway and that if he don't die then Christiana will. Christiana says she's ready but the spirits are not they end up killing or taking her away. Liam is finally able to come out he calls for Alex who is under his bed, he tells Alex how 2 kill him so she does. Alex is then interviewed about what went on she explains everything and gets to leave freely and see her girlfriend. The episode/season ends with one of the scientist from S.E.E examing the blackbox recorder to see what happend.

Thus ends silver wood congrats to Tony V,  BreeEssrig,  the blackboxtv crew and many others who made this season turn out well.

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