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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review: American horror story asylum episode 6

The episode starts off with bloody face calling the police in this year and letting them know that he killed imposters at the broken down asylum. Then it goes back 2 the time when the asylum was running and u get to hear why bloody face is the way he is, his mother left him so he never felt her touch. Dr. Ardan is really a nazi named hans Cooper, him and the man who run the asylum do test on the patients, but they go terribley wrong. Sister Jude gets fired from the asylum to go somewhere else. The man she hired to find out about Dr. Arden gets killed by one of the nuns. Kit is in prison and will be set on the chair. The news reporter almost dies but saves herself by pretending to be bloody faces mother. The episode ends with bloody face finding his new victim.

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