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Sunday, January 13, 2013


So some of this is from a dream I had and some is from my point of view/thoughts on this subject.

Last night I had a dream about 2 heroes they were called heroes of the old. In this dream I met up with them in their apartment they were at one looked exactly like me except he wasn't me he was different. My dream ended with him showing me something. Now I believe that there are heroes out in this world u just have 2 look for them. Some feel like giving up or probably do. Even heroes need heroes. I always tell myself that I'm a hero because i've helped ppl, I give advice when I can. I decided that I'd focus all my energy on my girl though I'd rather not deal with stress from all the other ppl I tried helping who would not take my advice so instead I'm gonna be here for her cause I'd rather protect what matters most to me and that's her. I'd rather be here hero.

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