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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review: Tony V

This is a review for Tony V he is the creator of BlackBoxTv one of the best shows he started off some where in 2010 is what I know and he didn't have very much money but he still made episodes that ppl enjoy now he has teamed up with the creator of csi so now he has more money to do bigger stuff and so far the silver wood series has been a hit recently they had the silver wood archives come out and I hear that's really good Tony V is now working on finale recordings I think he's doing great that the silver wood series is turning out good Tony V has inspired me in a lot of ways I love watching his stuff when it comes out cause it makes me happy and inspires me so far my favorite all time BlackBoxTv episode is leave me alone please go subscribe to BlackBoxTv let Tony know he's doing a great job

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